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Pianos are heavy and fragile items to move. We know that instruments are precious to musicians and that is why we care about delivering your piano or organ the right way. Some instruments are family heirlooms and therefore need to be handled with the utmost care.

It is often expensive to hire a piano moving company. However there are ways to find a good quality piano removals service for less than you may think. The way to save money when moving a piano or similar instrument is to check out a delivery auction site. Here you can compare quotes and services for your job. You can also check out customer feedback and similar jobs that a company has carried out.

A quality piano moving company will be fully insured to move your instrument. Never use a company that is not insured as you will not be covered for any damage to your item that may be incurred through the course of the move.

A quality company will send a team of people to load your piano in and out of their vehicle. They will have suitable covers for your piano and will have the right equipment to secure your instrument inside their vehicle.  

Companies should show all of their customer feedback on their web pages. The best companies will have the most positive feedback and the least complaints about their services.

Companies that offer piano removals should have previous experience of moving pianos and similar items. If a company does not have any previous experience of moving pianos then they are not a good choice as it is likely that they will not handle your instrument properly or safely.

The best way to find a quality piano moving company is to post your job on a delivery auction site. All you have to do is post the details of your job onto the site and wait for companies to send you their quotes. In your post you should include the item that you want to move, the size of your item, the area you would like it picked up from and the area that you would like it delivered to. You can have your item picked up from your home, a shop or any other kind of property as long as you are the owner of the piano.  Do not give your full address out on the delivery auction site as they are public sites and anyone who uses them can what you post.

Once you have a list of companies and their quotes, choose the best one by price, reputation, experience and facilities offered. Never choose a company just because it is the cheapest. You can check out a company’s feedback on their by clicking on their username and visiting their page. Be sure to call the companies that you are considering in order to ask them any questions you may have about their services. A good company will be happy to talk to you and will you detailed and helpful information.

Feedback helps companies to show that they are reliable and offer a good service to their customers. Prospective customers use feedback to choose the most suitable company for their job.
Companies build up a good reputation through constantly receiving positive feedback and so they strive to provide the best service in order to gain more recommendations.

Your experience of a company can help other people to choose the right company for their job. So why not post up your feedback on the wall of the company that you used. Be honest about the service that they gave you, and make sure to comment on their handling of your item and how experienced they came across to you. Try not to exaggerate as this gives an unrealistic image of the company to other people.

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